Opening of the Exhibition ‘Apodidraskinda’ (Hide-and-seek) in Casa d’Avenida in Setubal (P)

Last Saturday my solo-exhibition in Casa d’Avenida in Setubal opened and even with all the restrictions still going on around here there was a good amount of public and friends. Many of the works that I made in the last challenging year were finally having a place to be shown. Not just in any place, not in the regular white-cube gallery but in a wonderful old house, a small palace in the center of Setubal, inherited by Maria-Joao Frade and turned into an art-space with all the love and passion she has in her. The house shows its soul and gives a warm welcome to the visitors from the moment you enter the big, wooden front door. It is a bit of a challenge to get to the top floor on these monumental stone stairs but once on the top floor, one can admire a beautiful view over the city . It is there on that second floor that I installed my pieces in a perfect combination with their antique environment and sometimes even merging together with the space or the furniture. In the old ‘salon’ my ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ seems to be an old collection of the previous owner, as it has always been there and is part of the paraphernalia of the interior. The big textile works I sewed together from patches of old clothes my mom made during a lifetime, look as if they where there since the beginning and have been torn and consumed by time and use during centuries of habitation.

The exhibition is on show until the 9th of May.