Maandelijks archief: november 2016

Mirrored Spaces

‘Mirrored Spaces’ will open on the 10th of December in (Woot) – Bostonstraat 30 in Antwerpen/Luchtbal and will be on view until the 4th of February.

The working space in Lisbon and the exhibition space in Antwerp clearly have aspects in common: both buildings are defined in form by a corner on which they are situated. It gives them their very specific outlook. Both are located on the ground floor with an entrance in the middle and two big windows on both sides, as they were, in former days, showcases.One space seems like the reverse of the other and vice versa. As in one space one can work intimately, the other opens up to the public to show the work that’s been created in the first.In this game of similarities converge the different approaches that complement the works of Katie Lagast and Marta Castelo.

Moulds, used by Lagast in her oeuvre to reproduce details that characterizes places and cities, propitiate as well a certain repetition of elements that Castelo found in the patterns on the floor of her studio in Lisbon, the place that they regard as a starting point.

Lines, traces and patterns from the direct environment of (woot) have been investigated, prolonged, transferred to the interior and transformed into a grid. The winter sunlight, which left beautiful motives of light on the walls, was integrated in this game of lines and forms. It is the basis of their presentation for this exhibition. On this structure Castelo and Lagast installed the elements they brought from Lisbon. With this they created a play of lines and forms, a game about here and there.

The title of the exhibition however refers to more than to just these two locations.In fact it opens up to talk about the environment of both areas and even to involve any possible zone to be investigated in the future.It wasn’t their intention either to solely make a reversed interpretation of the formal elements they found in the Lisbon studio or on its floor. One might expect so due to the word mirrored (or mirror) in the title but this here goes beyond a superficial inversion of reality.It shows us the possibility to enter a new dimension, which opens up to our own creativity and fantasy. Behind the mirrored image lies a world of its own. It’s just up to you to decide how far you want to go into the creative dimensions of the reflected space (or its reflected experience).

When Alice (In Wonderland) looked in the mirror and decided to step into it, she discovered a world on its own behind it. Just like Alice, Lagast and Castelo did a move and landed behind the mirror. The artists present us here today another feature of their own mirrored invention of the properties they worked with.