Maandelijks archief: juli 2015

Pictures from the exhibition in Lisbon (P)


Last week I asked Alexandre Camarao, a Portuguese photographer, to make some pictures from the work exhibited in the Pavilhao Preto in Lisbon (P). He made some very nice ones, which not only show the objects but also show the specific atmosphere of the whole installation. I am very happy I can share these pictures with you today. I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

ArCoBolsFin2014KatieLagast_0003   ArCoBolsFin2014KatieLagast_0002 ArCoBolsFin2014KatieLagast_0006    ArCoBolsFin2014KatieLagast_0009ArCoBolsFin2014KatieLagast_0010  ArCoBolsFin2014KatieLagast_0007  ArCoBolsFin2014KatieLagast_0008   ArCoBolsFin2014KatieLagast_0011    ArCoBolsFin2014KatieLagast_0016ArCoBolsFin2014KatieLagast_0013  ArCoBolsFin2014KatieLagast_0014   ArCoBolsFin2014KatieLagast_0017