Maandelijks archief: november 2014

Masterclass : Glass Heap Challenge at Beeldenstorm in Eindhoven (NL)

During one week I challenged the opportunity to work with glass and in specific the recycling of old and used glass. A material with which I never worked before.

The transparency of the material and its references to water and ice triggered me to subscribe for this masterclass.

My first experiment consisted out of making different plaster moulds from the joints between pavement stones in the near environment of Beeldenstorm. I tried three different types of glass to see what would happen. As the results came out of the kiln, I put each of these joints back on the spot where I encountered them. I was amased !! It looked as if there was some ice between the stones, accentuating the patern of the pavement. And as it was a very clear day it also reflected nice the sunlight. This is surely to be continued on another scale… .

IMG_1511   IMG_1524  IMG_1591                      IMG_1594